Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Vol V NO 1: Foruth Estate and Jalakam

Dear friends those who want to read Foruth Estate and Jalakam, they can read it from here. Fifth volume of these papers will come online here. Check out this blog to read your juniors scraps

Click here for Jalakam
Click here for Fourth Estate Page 1
Click here for Fourth Estate Page 2
Click here for Fourth Estate Page 3

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Times that passed through the windows of our Memory

As the time passed through the window of our memories... Our blog and our friendships and lessuire time becomes less as we had in MASCOM. As usually all of Us became job holders.

Friends.... Me Great Nishin still here in Kottayam; In the loan of letters. Yes Me In Manorama as a Sub Editor trainee. I want to tell you lot of things as I had done here. But now it is the tea break here. So hope let us meet again

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Nanna Bengalooru!

Finally, after a wait of five vetty days, I started the work in VT. The story goes on like this:

Sunday April 9
Landed at 7:30 in the morning at Madivala bus stop. Carried the heavy baggage to a nearby phone booth and called Sandy. He’s out of range. Tries after half an hour. He replied that he’s still in Dharmapuri, coz the bus had some problem.

9:30am. Sandy landed. As we began chatting, his friend and our local guardian Bibin came. Together in an auto, we headed toward our three-week shelter. Six jolly good fellows greet us there.

1:45pm. The entire gang in the flat walk out towards the bus stop. Destination: National market, B’lore. Mission: To track the place where ipod is available at the cheapest price.3:30pm. We were at the famous Forum Mall. Went inside the Apple showroom there, listened to a 30GB beauty worth some 26K. Attached it to a flying-saucer-like speaker and heard the unexpectedly loud sound. Both together would cost around 35K.We walked out of the showroom of B’lore’s elite best.

Monday, April 14.
8:00am. Sandy n me were ready to join the papers. He went to DH office, which is on MG road and I, towards VT office in Chamarajapet.
9:15 am, VT office. I was waiting for the chief to come. Came to know on enquiring that he’ll come only by 2. Got the instruction to give my contact no. to the chief and he’ll inform me later. Called my friend Mathew, he promised to help to obtain a connection.

Tuesday, April 15.
8:30am. Called the chief, gave Sandy’s no. Got the assurance that I can join byWednesday. I called Mathew, he asked me to come to City Market. Boarded a bus from near Neetha’s college.

1pm. I was at the city market. Near the market there is a huge Masjid, the biggest I ever saw. Went around with Mathew through the crowded galis in search of a sim-card vendor. Finally, a shopkeeper pointed us to a corner, we went there to meet a guy with a shop in the bottom of a staircase. He was catering us as well as chatting with people in his mobile and land line. Mathew asked in Hindi, in which he replied, spit tamil into his cellphone and Kannada into the landphone. I was pretty jealous!!After a few minutes, I owned a binaami mobile connection.

Wednesday, April 16.8:30am.
Called Chief to give my number. Joining was still unconfirmed, as there was some “technical difficulties.” He assured to take me to office at Thursday. Promised to meet Sandy at his office at 5pm.

2:40pm. Message from Sandy: “Rajkumar expired.”

4:25pm. I venture out towards Forum. Purpose: To walk through it, reach the road on the other side, board a bus to MG Road and Meet Sandy n Sreeni.I saw the main entrance closed, so I enter the complex through sideways. Inside, a Kannada announcement is going on and the only word I could make out is Rajkumar.Saw police on the other side, they all looked worried. Bus came and I boarded it.

5:15pm. After a 15-minute effort, I located Deccan Herald office and when I was about to call Neetha, Sandy n Sreeni came out. By that time, the almost all stores were closed. We had tea from a wayside vendor, walked around to see the deserted street, and I left the place.I walked around a little, then Mathew called me. He was in Shivaji Nagar, a place nearby. By the time I reached Sivaji Nagar Bus stand, he left. I waited for my bus for half-an-hour. Then Mathew’s message came: “Rajkumarz dead n crowds r creating prblm everywhr n u r out. Reach home safely.” Saw a group blocking buses. Got in the bus that was about to leave, realised midway that I am in the wrong bus, jumped down and began walking. By the time I reached our shelter in Thavarekere, I had covered 9 km. All the shops were closed.

Thursday, April 13.
It took till 9am for us to realize that we have to find a way to secure us breakfast, lunch n dinner. Just then, chief gave a missed call. I called back only to confirm that I won’t join office that day. Entire Bangalore came to a standstill.

Friday, April 14.
Got the first greetings from my dad’s eldest brother, saw the details of Thursday’s violence in the newspaper.

3:15pm. I entered VT office. A 45-minute wait for the man in charge.

4:00pm. Man in charge asked me to come at around 5:30 because te chief reporter is out of station. I walked out to begin a one-and-a-half hour roaming around. Covered the Palace of Tipu Sultan, Bangalore fort and Sultanpet market.

5:30pm. I was sitting before the chief reporter. He gave me a copy of today’s paper and asked to go through the layout and briefs. I went through it twice before one of the staff borrowed it. Sat idly there for another 30 minutes. Then he asked me to come at 2pm on Saturday. Came to the shelter to receive a treat of a huge watermelon bought by my apartment-mates. Ab aslee kaam chaaloo………………..

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

How's Chennai?

Well, as excepted and as warned by all in Kerala, Chennai is HOT!!! Hey, don't misunderstand. It's not "hot hot" as we would say at MASCOM but it is phew! hot. It's burning. But I don't know why I didn't feel it unbearable. People who have been in Chennai some time tell me that the heat is too much but then after the sweaty Kerala weather, I don't think this is too much.
Again, after an overdose of Kerala, the customs here seemed alien in the beginning. But when you understand technicalities, it's quite understandable. For example, here in buses, you go to the ticket collector and not the other way round. If you don't take the ticket, it's okay with him but then you never know when a ticket-checker might be waiting for you at some stop.
All the buses are crowded at prime time, which is everytime except from 12 noon to 4 pm.
For a person who has not had the taste of any other state in India, Chennai is a huge experience. If you find the place you want to go to within one questioning, you are a genius. If you identify the places you have already been to, you are an INDIGENIOUS, as it says in some movie. Got lots more to write about Chennai. Will keep posting.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Our group photo

FOURTH ESTATE!: Students of the fourth batch of MASCOM, fondly called Morons by our Director KTO.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Welcome to our common blog.

This is a place where we can share our experiences wherever we are. Do post text/pictures as often as you can.